Home BMW Why boxer engine now that it is liquid cooled?

Why boxer engine now that it is liquid cooled?

Why boxer engine now that it is liquid cooled?


“However, for me, the water boxer is way completely different than any of the previous boxer motors BMW has made. They have been grumbly when pushed, revved lethargically, and sometimes made poor energy, regardless of what BMW followers stated. Oilheads have been “quick for a BMW”, however not all that highly effective or terribly passionate about their mission. I’ve a hexhead. It is extra energy, however it’s additionally within the “I will do it if I’ve to” camp of efficiency.”

Hello Kbasa. In your earlier thread I just about agree with you aside from the above paragraph quote. Output energy necessities are very opinion pushed however what might presumably be dangerous or wanton about an 1100 collection BMW with an influence output of 90HP? Appears to me that 90 horse on a bike like an R1100RS that weighs simply over 500 kilos is most enough and performs adequately in all respects.

Apart from this I just about agree with you assessments. Properly, I nonetheless want a dry clutch air cooled bike if nothing else for simplicity sake. Just like the outdated proverb says…”Preserve it easy silly”.

Oh, and you may maintain your hydraulic clutches as effectively.



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