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The Tesla Gross sales Statistic: Manufacturing and Income!


Tesla, being a number one model within the EV trade, has supplied superior automobiles since 2008 beginning with the Roadster. After the ups and downs of dealing with this model, Elon and his crews have been making a genius step to create masterpieces like Mannequin 3, Y, S, and X automobiles.

Now, it has been reported by Tesla that they bought over 100,000 automobiles in every quarter from late 2017 to the current day. And, the result appears fairly good as every year they’re producing and delivering extra automobiles.

On this information, I’ll clarify what number of automobiles Tesla bought, produced, and gained the annual revenue every year so that you get a whole thought. Right here I Go!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla has delivered 29,920 Mannequin S/X and 859,095 Mannequin 3/Y automobiles.
  • Within the first six months of 2013, Tesla made 38,926 Mannequin X/S and 881,582 Mannequin 3/Y automobiles (in whole 920k automobiles).
  • Tesla has gained over $24.9 billion in revenue in a single quarter (Q2).
  • Mannequin Y turned the best-selling automobile within the first quarter (Q1) globally.
  • Tesla has round 1,28,290 workers worldwide.
The Tesla Sales Statistic: Production and Revenue

Right here’s How Many Teslas Have Been Bought!

From 2011 until this present day, Tesla has been promoting tons of automobiles. Within the first six months of 2023, Tesla was capable of promote 466,140 automobiles in Q1 and 422,875 automobiles in Q2.

Based mostly on Tesla gross sales per yr, it appears round an 83% improve in a Yr Over Yr (YoY) (solely counting the Q1 and Q2).

How Many Teslas Have Been Sold

Right here’s what number of autos has Tesla bought from 2011 to the half of 2023:

Yr Complete Sale
2011 2,150 (solely Roadsters)
2012 5,100 (2,450 Roadsters and a pair of,650 Mannequin S)
2013 22,477 (Mannequin S)
2014 57,000 (Mannequin S)
2015 107,000 (Mannequin S)
2016 84,000 (Mannequin S/X)
2017 103,184 (Mannequin S/X and Mannequin 3)
2018 245,506 (Mannequin 3 and Mannequin S/X)
2019 367,656 (Mannequin 3 and Mannequin S/X)
2020 499,647 (Mannequin 3/Y and Mannequin S/X)
2021 936,222 (Mannequin 3/Y and Mannequin S/X)
2022 1,313,851 (Mannequin 3/Y and Mannequin S/X)
2023 (Q1 + Q2) 889,015 (Mannequin 3/Y and Mannequin S/X)

The above chart and desk don’t comprise the most recent autos produced by Tesla just like the upcoming Mannequin 2 and so forth.

How Many Vehicles Does Tesla Promote a Yr?

Tesla is a luxurious automobile model that provides Mannequin S, X, Y, 3, and Roadster. They rely up the promoting of auto in 4 quarter of a yr.

Tesla Vehicle Delivery Per Year

Based mostly on this, right here’s what number of automobiles has Tesla bought in a yr:

Yr Q1 Q2 Q3 This autumn
2016 14,810 14,402 24,821 22,252
2017 25,052 22,026 26,137 29,967
2018 29,997 40,768 83,775 90,966
2019 63,028 95,356 97,186 112,095
2020 88,496 90,891 139,593 180,667
2021 184,877 201,304 241,391 308,650
2022 310,048 254,695 343,830 405,278
2023 (Q1 + Q2) 422,875 466,140

How Many Folks Have a Tesla Mannequin S, Y, X, and three?

Since all of the several types of Tesla automobiles got here out after 2017, I’ll share with you the Tesla statistics in regards to the quantity of people that personal Mannequin S, Mannequin X, Mannequin 3, and Mannequin Y automobiles.

 Number Of Tesla Consumer

Right here’s the approximate variety of all Tesla customers:

Yr Mannequin 3/Y Mannequin S/X
2017 1,764 101,417
2018 146,055 99,451
2019 300,885 66,771
2020 442,562 57,085
2021 911,242 24,980
2022 1,247,146 66,705
2023 (Q1+Q2) 859,095 29,920
Complete (Customers) 3,908,749  446,329

Tesla Income and Manufacturing Statistics!

Beneath this section, I’ll share the annual income of Tesla together with its manufacturing report from 2016 – 2023 (half yr). Let’s go:

Tesla Manufacturing (Per Yr)

With a Yr-over-Yr 86% improve, Tesla constructed Mannequin X, Y, S, and three automobiles in its giant Tesla Gigafactory the place individuals go for excursions.

 Tesla Cars Production Statistic

In solely 6 months, they’ve made 421,371 autos in Q1 and 460,211 in Q2. And, it’s a powerful vary which is 15x development from 2016 to 2022. Right here’s what number of automobiles Tesla makes per yr:

Yr Complete Manufacturing
2016 84,000
2017 101,025
2018 254,530
2019 265,232
2020 509,737
2021 930,422
2022 1,369,611
2023 (Q1+Q2) 920,508

Tesla Annual Income (Per Yr)

As Tesla sells a number of automobiles every year, it tends to achieve an enormous quantity of revenue. Within the half of 2023, Tesla’s income elevated from $23.329B in Q1 and $24.927B in Q2.

Total Revenue Statistic

And, it’s round a 19.3% improve from the earlier years because the counting is predicated on half a yr. Let me share how a lot revenue Tesla makes per yr:

Years Complete Income
2008 $15M
2009 $112M
2010 $117M
2011 $204M
2012 $413M
2013 $2.01B
2014 $3.2B
2015 $4.49B
2016 $7B
2017 $11.759B
2018 $21.461B
2019 $24.578B
2020 $31.536B
2021 $53.823B
2022 $81.462B
2023 (Q1+Q2) $48.256B

Ending Notes

That’s what number of Teslas have been bought to this present day! Certainly, Tesla has good elements that trigger of us to get its automobiles and make the best promoting level in 2022 (which you’ll see), beating luxurious automobile manufacturers like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and many others.

Originally of 2023, Tesla achieved 5 awards from KBB (Kelley Blue Ebook) Model Picture Awards and nonetheless making tons of manufacturing automobiles to ship on time.

Hope you discover this information useful to know what number of automobiles have been bought and produced, and the annual income particulars. See You within the Subsequent Information Quickly, Bye!



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