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SpaceX performs static hearth check of Booster 9

SpaceX performs static hearth check of Booster 9


Following two prior assessments of the water deluge system and a spin prime check of Booster 9, SpaceX lit all 33 engines for the primary firing for the reason that April twentieth Built-in Check Flight.

SpaceX started the method of fueling the rocket early this morning however encountered a problem when chilling the traces that run to the rocket, and a crimson workforce was despatched again to the pad to carry out repairs. After repairs have been accomplished, the crimson workforce departed and SpaceX spooled up their gasoline tank farm once more.

Booster 9 static hearth check (Credit score: SpaceX)

After a few hours of chilling the gasoline traces, filling of the liquid oxygen and liquid methane tanks aboard Booster 9 started at T-Minus 67 minutes. The liquid oxygen tank was totally full of the liquid methane solely partially full of what was required for the check.

After a clean countdown, Booster 9 lit all 33 Raptor engines, nonetheless, 4 shut down early in the course of the 2.74-second period check. The check was supposed to final 5 seconds.’

The brand new water deluge system appeared to work as supposed, albeit with a really brief firing of the engines. As a substitute of a large mud cloud that’s normally shaped after a static hearth check, this check created a steam cloud that dissipated pretty shortly following the check.

Booster 9 from above shortly after the static hearth check (Credit score: SpaceX)

SpaceX will now go over the information collected, more than likely swap out the Raptor engines that didn’t carry out as anticipated, and conduct one other static hearth check. That check may come inside the subsequent couple of weeks.

Watch a replay of the static hearth beneath!

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SpaceX performs static hearth check of Booster 9



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